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PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

MICOS USA offers positioners, controllers, and special environments products. Product line includes: stepper controller, vacuums, motor drivers, universal controller, rotary/linear motion products, nano positioning/piezo products, etc.

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16 Albert St.
Auburn, MA 01501


  • in Linear Positioning Stages

    MICOS USA designs and manufactures a number of linear positioning stages that feature travel of 205mm, 155mm to 1016mm, 415 mm to 815mm, 52mm, 155 to 508mm, 40mm, 26mm to 305mm, 200 to 1000mm, 120mm, 25mm to 65mm, or 26mm to 102mm. The stages also feature maximum load of 15kg, 150kg, 100kg, 45kg, 10kg, 20kg, 5kg, 3kg, 10kg, 6kg; and maximum speed of 100mm/sec, 150mm/sec, 800mm/sec, 400mm/sec, 500mm/sec, 90mm/sec, and 10mm/sec.

  • in Motion Control Cards

    MICOS offers a motion control card which has been optimized for unprecedented versatility, ease of use and affordability. To provide the user with the ultimate in flexibility, all motion control and I/O processing is performed on-board. Since DC2 pc cards do not rely on a PC for any processing functions, they deliver the same level of performance in Stand-Alone applications as they do when installed in a PC.

  • in Nano/Micro Positioning

    Micos is a manufacturer of motion control systems, positioners, direct drives, controllers and accessories.

  • in Rotary Positioning Stages

    MICOS USA engineers ultra precision rotary tables, torque rotation rotary tables, and precision rotary tables that feature travel of 360 endless, and maximum load of 40kg, 6kg, 2kg, 0.5kg, 50kg, 10kg, 3kg or 1kg. Depending on type, the rotary tables also feature aperature of 20mm, 40mm, 25mm, 35mm, 120mm, 35mm, and 60mm.

  • in Stages

    MICOS offers a wide range of precision mechanical components, systems and sub-systems as well as a complete line of modular opto-mechanical systems for applications in laser technology. Products include a range of linear stages, elevation stages, translation stages, rotational stages, goniometers, and nano-rotational stages.

  • in Translation Positioning Stages

    MICOS engineers and supplies translation stages that features travel of 25mm to 300mm, 26mm, or 10mm - with maximum load of 1 kg or 5 kg. Several of the stages are available with an optional linear encoder, and uni-directional or bi-directional repeatability. All the stages have a maximum speed of 5mm/sec, and maximum resolution of 0.2 um or 0.05 um.