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Performance Motion Devices (PMD)

Performance Motion Devices (PMD) is a manufacturer of motion control chips, motion control cards, digital drives and motion control software. PMD provides OEM's in the medical, commercial and industrial markets with single and multi-axis motion control solutions.

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  • in DC Drives

    Performance Motion Devices provides digital DC drives for stepper, DC brush, and brushless DC motors. Rated at 500 watts or 3000 watts, the drives feature up to 20 A continuous and up to 30A peak current.

  • in Drives

    PMD manufactures the ION family of products - compact and fully enclosed motion control digital drives for DC brush, brushless DC, and step motors. Features of the range include an up to 500 W or 3000 W rating, up to 20 A continuous and up to 30 A peak current, and 40 kHz PWM frequency, with 102 µsec servo loop rate.

  • in Ethernet Controllers

    PMD motion control cards provide multi-axis motion control for DC brush, brushless DC, step, and microstepping motors used for scientific, automation, industrial and robotic applications. Their motion cards include programmable stand-alone models such as the Prodigy/CME and PC/104 Motion Cards which are available in 1, 2, 3, & 4 axis versions. All PC/104 card are equipped with Pro-Motion® GUI, C-Motion® API, and VB-Motion® development software. They communicate via 16-bit parallel, Ethernet, serial, and CANbus and are used in embedded systems.

  • in Motion Control Cards

    Performance Motion Devices's Prodigy/CME Stand-Alone Motion Cards provide machine designers the capability to download and run motion programs directly on Prodigy cards. They communicate via 16-bit parallel, Ethernet, serial, and CANbus. PMD’s Stand-Alone Motion Cards offer high-performance motion control for scientific, automation, industrial, and robotic applications. These motion control cards support multiple motor types, including DC brush, brushless DC, microstepping, and step motors. Prodigy/CME Stand-Alone cards are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-axis versions.

  • in Motion Control ICs

    Performance Motion Devices, offers IC's for industrial motion control solutions. Their motion processors provide high-performance motion control of servo microstepping motors while offering the flexibility of an IC-based building block. This chip based approach gives customers the choice of varying levels of integration with a powerful, easy to use programming environment.

  • in Software

    Performance Motion Devices provides Pro-Motion, VB-Motion, and C-Motion software tools provided with PMD’s motion control products for simplifying the development of motion applications.