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Nordex, Inc.

Nordex Incorporated focuses on fully integrated turnkey subsystems for medical, laboratory, and industrial analytical instruments, factory automation, and the semi-conductor OEM industries. Nordex's product line includes: shafts, belts, flangers, pulleys, bearings, bushings, idlers, balls, gears, racks, worm wheels, worm shafts, leadscrews, positioning stages/slides, gearboxes, breaks, nuts, couplings, etc.

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  • in Acme Lead Screws

    Nordex Incorporated offers precision and commercial quality rolled acme stainless steel lead screws. Hi-precision rolled acme lead screws come in diameters ranging from 1/8 to 3/4, 0.0006" in lead accuracy ratings, a 303 stainless steel construction, and root diameters ranging from 0.081" to 0.645". These screws can be ordered in 6", 12", 24", 36", and 48" lengths.

  • in Ball & Lead Screws

    Nordex Anti-backlash Nuts and Lead Screws Rolled Acme stainless steel Lead Screws come in two different qualities, commercial and precision quality. Depending on the application, Acme Lead Screws are available in lead accuracies from .003 in./ft. with straightness of .01 in/ .0001 in/in with positional repeatability of .00005 inches.

  • in Ball Slides

    Nordex Incorporated offers ball and crossed roller slides for applications where corrosion-caused particulate contamination must be reduced. These slides come in travel ranges from 0.71 to 6, lengths ranging from 1.378 to 9.646, and load capacities ranging from 66 to 1062. Slides come with with stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, crossed roller linear bearings.

  • in Crossed Roller Slides

    Nordex Incorporated offers crossed roller slide assemblies in a variety of configurations, including: counter bore screw size, base hole BHD, base hole BHT, base hole BHB, and 4 hole carriage. These assemblies come in load capacities ranging from 30 to 108 lbs, lengths ranging from 1.06" to 4.56", 0.0001"/inch of travel straight line accuracies, and travel ranges from 0.50" to 3.00". They are constructed from stainless steel, aluminum, hardened steel, and black anodized materials.

  • in Slides

    Nordex offers ball and crossed roller slides including high-precision miniature and standard ball slides and sub-miniature ball slides, as well as high precision crossed roller slides, which feature a 50 to 244 lb. load capacity.