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Isotech Inc

Isotech, Inc. is a manufacturer's representative and distributor of proprietary mechanical and electromechanical products to the industrial, medical and military OEM and in-plant markets. Isotech's product line includes: linear slide assemblies, ball slide guides/rail sets, linear bushings/shafting, positioning stages, air powered motion control, motorized motion control, formed metal/composites, noise/vibration control, fasteners/molded rubber products, laser marking/cutting systems, electrical products, cases, canvases, and webbed products.

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  • in Actuators

    Isotech is an industrial manufacturer that offers a variety of actuator products, including linear slide assemblies, belt drive, linear and friction free air designs, lifting columns, and air cylinders for a variety of motion control and automation applications.

  • in Ball Slides

    Isotech, Inc. offers ball slides in the following configurations: standard precision, low profile high-precision, flange base high-precision, and anti-creep linear. Flange base high-precision ball slides are highly stable, repeatable, accurate, precision ground, and corrosion-resistant. These slides come in travel ranges from 0.5" to 10", load capacities ranging from 8 to 225 lbs, lengths ranging from 1.00" to 15", and 0.003" coefficient of friction ratings. They are black anodized finished and constructed from aluminum/400 Series stainless steel materials.

  • in Ball Splines

    Isotech's Ball Spline is designed for mechanical applications requiring both linear motion and torque transmission. The rolling contact of the balls reduces friction and all but eliminates backlash. SPR Rotary Ball Splines combine conventional ball splines and rotary function to eliminate parts used in your systems, diminishing the accumulation of minor errors that are often seen due to the installation process.

  • in Belt Drive Actuators

    Isotech, Inc. offers standard, plug-and-play, and custom belt drive actuators. Actuators have a maximum breakaway torque of 196 oz-in, a maximum load capacity of up  to 2,500 lbs, and a maximum length of 152.4 meters. Actuators are made of aluminum and steel materials.

  • in Crossed Roller Slides

    Isotech, Inc. offers crossed roller slides, precision crossed roller slides, and flange base high precision crossed roller slides. Crossed roller slides feature lightweight aluminum bases/carriages, alternately crossed rollers for handling force in every direction, and positive stops for over-travel prevention. These slides are available in lengths ranging from 1.06" to 15", travel ranges from 0.50" to 12", and load capacities from 30 to 779 lbs. The rolling elements and bearings can be custom-designed to meet the specific needs of most applications.

  • in Guides/Rails

    Isotech manufactures a wide range of precision linear motion products, including motorized motion control, air powered motion control, positioning stages, linear shafting, linear brushes, ball slide guides/rails, linear slides, etc. Linear ball slides feature accuracy ratings ranging from 0.000040" to 0.0005"/"travel, lengths ranging from 0.52" to 15", travel capacities ranging from 0.33" to 30", and load capacities ranging from 0.75 to 225 lbs.

  • in Linear Shafting

    Isotech, Inc. is a manufacturer of precision linear slide shafts.  Features include high precision roundness cylindicity, straightness, and surface finish.

  • in Positioning Tables

    Isotech manufactures a variety of positioning tables and stages, including pneumatic, rotary and motorized configurations.

  • in Roller Positioning Tables

    Isotech, Inc. offers crossed roller pneumatic tables for all applications that require smooth precision movements. These tables feature an internal air powered design, black anodized aluminum body parts, integral flow control modules, and instant 5/32 fittings. Tables have stroke lengths ranging from 1" to 4", XYZ Axis motions, 22 lb load ratings, and 0.003 per/in. accuracies.

  • in Single Axis Positioning Tables

    Isotech, Inc. offers X-Axis crossed roller and X-Axis ball slide positioning tables. Series 99, 100, and 200 X-Axis crossed roller positioning stages have load capacities up to 1.25 lbs, travel ranges from 0.25 to 0.5", work-surface ranges from 0.75 to 1.75", and positional repeatability up to 0.0001". These stages are black anodize finished, they feature positive locking mechanisms, smooth accurate movements, and carriages up to 5.125" square (with four inches of travel).

  • in Slides

    Isotech is a distributor of proprietary mechanical and electromechanical products to the industrial, medical and military OEM and in-plant markets. Products include ball and crossed roller slides and tables, linear bushings and shafting, pneumatic, micrometer and motorized tables, linear actuators, air cylinders, dashpots/actuators, noise control materials, vibration mounts and isolators, laser marking systems and automation software training.

  • in Stages

    Isotech is a manufacturer's representative and distributor of proprietary mechanical and electromechanical products to the industrial, medical and military OEM and in-plant markets. Offers a variety of positioning stages including ball slide stages, crossed roller stages, side drive stages, and ulta fine differential linear positioners.

  • in XY Stages & Tables

    Isotech Inc. produces XY positioning stage types including ball slide positioning stages, crossed roller positioning stages, and side drive positioning stages. The ball slide stages feature load capacities ranging from 4-30 lbs. and travel of 0.25" to 4". The crossed roller stages travel up to 3" and feature a load capacity range of 23 lbs. to 160 lbs. The side drive stages feature travel up to 2" and load capacity up to 160 lbs.