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  • Advanced Design Consulting, Inc.

    ADC manufactures high precision linear slides designed for use with in any positioning system. The slide's black anodized aluminum housing features a precision ground base and top plate, each with multiple utility holes for easy integration into the users' system. The stage is driven by a high class preloaded ballscrew coupled to a high torque 200 step per revolution stepper motor, which can be run in full, half or microstepping mode to meet your resolution requirements.

  • AGI Automation Components

    AGI offers a full line of linear actuators, base slides, magnetically coupled slides, thrusters and pneumatic actuators that provide smooth linear motion due to the precision ball bearings riding on hardened ground shafts. Bore sizes are .75 inch, 1.00 inch, 1.25 inch, and 1.50 inch with strokes from 4 inches to 132 inches long. Polycarbonate composite bearings are also available.

  • PIC Design Inc

    PIC Designs, Inc. offers steel crossed roller slides, aluminum crossed roller slides, ball slides, ball slide guides, economy ball slides, economy crossed roller slides, positioners, and rails. Crossed roller slides come in a variety of sizes, including: 1.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, etc. Straight line accuracy is 0.00012 for a 4.1 - 12.5 of length, maximum travel is 10.43" and maximum load capacity is 3223 lbf. Aluminum crossed roller bearings come in 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm sizes. Straight line accuracy for aluminum slides is 0.0001/inch of travel. Maximum travel is 4 inches and the maximum load capacity is 723 lbf. Ball slides come in seven configurations, including: compact profile, rugged, wide profile, widest profile, etc. Ball slide straight line accuracy is 0.0005/inch of travel. Maximum travel is 12.00 inch and maximum load capacity is 205 lbs.

    State: CT
  • AG Slides

    AG Slides offers a full range of standard and custom linear motion products including ball slides, roller slides, and stages. Features include stability and durability with cast iron and steel construction, ultra precision performance, and self-cleaning ball bearings.
  • Ball Slides Inc

    Manufacturer of high quality, economical, compliant design ball slides, adjustable design ball slides, and long life, self-balancing ball slides for a variety of light duty applications including include semiconductor, medical, electronics, quality assurance, instrumentation and testing, packaging, and light manufacturing. Also offers air cylinder slides, micrometer stages, and NEMA-23 positioning tables.
    State: MA
  • Rexroth

    Rexroth offers the SGK Ball Screw Driven Module that features Super Linear Bushings for smooth running and long life, precision ball screw assembly with tolerance class T7 with clearance-free nut, and are available without drive unit for custom drive systems.

  • SKF

    SKF offers several types of slides including dovetail, hardened way and linear guide slides. SKF slides offer low friction movement and high cycle speeds, with high-speed drives, preloaded bearings, and more. SKF slides are designed to be used with high-precision and high-speed applications.

    San Diego
    State: CA
  • Isotech, Inc.

    Isotech is a distributor of proprietary mechanical and electromechanical products to the industrial, medical and military OEM and in-plant markets. Products include ball and crossed roller slides and tables, linear bushings and shafting, pneumatic, micrometer and motorized tables, linear actuators, air cylinders, dashpots/actuators, noise control materials, vibration mounts and isolators, laser marking systems and automation software training.

  • Compact Automation Parts

    The Compact BSC series cylinders are another variation of our versatile Compact air cylinders. All models feature our signature compact space efficiency. Features a high load bearing, factory matched recirculation ball slide rail set in two simple, low cost, designs ideal for precision industrial automation.

  • Del-Tron Precision

    Del-Tron’s offers linear ball slides and linear crossed roller slides for a wide range of applications. Their linear ball slides and linear crossed roller slides offer several levels of precision ranging from a straight line accuracy of 0.0005 per inch of travel in standard precision ball slides to 0.0000040 per inch of travel straight line accuracy in high precision ball slides and crossed roller slides. Available with inch or metric holes.

  • DuraBond Slide

    DuraBond linear slides feature low profile, square gib, Rulon coated construction to provide high precision and rigidity with superior vibration dampening characteristics. Available in standard widths of 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 9” and 12” and base lengths from 4” to 32”. Custom slides designed to meet exact customer specifications.
  • Famco Machine Division

    Famco Machine Division provides a wide variety of slide applications for the the modern machine tool industry. Products include low profile ball slide, high profile ball slides, heavy duty slides, hardened way slides, and recessed ball slides.
  • Generic Slides

    Generic Slides is a manufacturer of linear motion and positioning products. Products include accurate, low friction, precision, ball slides, linear single axis slides, and multiple axis stages, x-y tables and robust, heavy duty, slides and slide systems. Generic Slides' positioning products are designed for precision instrumentation and test equipment, automation, OEM medical, aerospace and commercial components and subsystems.

  • Hepco Motion

    Hepco Motion is a manufacturer of linear motion systems. They offer a large selection of slide products including heavy duty slide systems, stainless steel or aluminum based slides, single edge slides and telescoping ball slides.

  • Nook Industries

    Nook Industries offers inch and metric linear slide systems. Nook's metric series feature a 12mm shaft diameter, HRC 60 ground linear shafting, a one carriage/linear bearing block assembly with four Excel linear bearings and two integrated end supports.

    State: OH
  • Nordex, Inc.

    Nordex offers ball and crossed roller slides including high-precision miniature and standard ball slides and sub-miniature ball slides, as well as high precision crossed roller slides, which feature a 50 to 244 lb. load capacity.

  • R&I Manufacturing Co.

    R&I Manufacturing makes non-powered linear slides as well as air slides, with build-in flow control. R&I offers a wide range of sizes and strokes, are very durable and sensor-ready, as well as boasting a robust, fully serviceable design.

  • Rollon Corp.

    ROLLON manufactures a variety of linear bearing slides such as compact rail, curviline, easy rail, ecoline, light rail, and mono rail as well as telescopic tail drawer slides which come with hardened or non-hardened races and semi-telescopic slides, and offer limited deflection, assembly accuracy and high load capacity.

  • Schneeberger

    Schneeberger is a distributor of linear positioning slides such as the Type NK model, with five sizes from 25 to 510mm and strokes from 10 to 450mm, roller cages, and high accuracy.

  • Setco

    Setco fabricates a range of slides, including dovetails, hardened way models, linear bearing models, custom spindle and slide models. Their linear bearing models offer a standard base length of up to 3 meters and offer recirculating and preloaded bearing packs.