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State: CT, MA, NY, PA, SC
  • Del-Tron Precision Inc

    Del-Tron Precision, Inc. manufactures aluminum 7-steel crossed roller tables in low profile LPT and Gold Motion Series configurations. These tables utilize corrosion resistant/anti-creep technologies, and they can withstand force in any direction. Tables are factory preloaded, interchangeable with manufacturer slides, easy to install, and able to withstand force in any direction. They have accuracy ranges from 0.00008" to 0.0001", inch/metric mounting holes, carrying loads up to 2600 lbs, and rail/roller cage designs.

    State: CT
  • Dover

    Dover offers manufactures crossed roller tables for a variety of applications in different drive mechanics, accuracy grades, and linear positioning requirements. Model LMB crossed roller ballscrew tables feature travel versions from 2" to 10", a center-driven ballscrew design, vertical applications, and precision crossed roller ways for high stiffness. Tables can be configured with stepper motors up to 400 step/rev and ballscrew leads ranging from 2 to 5mm. Optional features include rotary encoders up to 4000 counts/rev and linear encoders ranging from 0.1 to 5 microns/count.

    State: MA
  • IKO Nippon Thompson

    IKO Nippon Thompson manufactures linear roller positioning tables. These tables are highly reliable, stable, simple in their construction, and are ideal for clean room applications. Tables can be configured without air-supply equipment, they do not generate heavy amounts of dust, and they have minimal deflection levels against mass/loads. Tables can achieve high rigidities by incorporating linear roller way Super X on cast iron rigid bodies.

  • Isotech Inc

    Isotech, Inc. offers crossed roller pneumatic tables for all applications that require smooth precision movements. These tables feature an internal air powered design, black anodized aluminum body parts, integral flow control modules, and instant 5/32 fittings. Tables have stroke lengths ranging from 1" to 4", XYZ Axis motions, 22 lb load ratings, and 0.003 per/in. accuracies.

    State: PA
  • Ralmtec

    Ralmtec differentiates itself from its competition by introducing the first rotary with preloaded crossed roller main bearings. These crossed roller rotary tables provide extreme rigidity in very low profiles, and they are available in sizes ranging from 3.5" to 6".

    State: NY
  • The Precision Alliance

    The Precision Alliance offers crossed roller X-Y positioning tables for precision manual movement applications. These tables feature locking capabilities, a low profile monolithic design, and a compact, two axis, crossed roller bearing arrangement.

    Fort Mill
    State: SC
  • Hofstra Group

    Hofstra Group offers Anorad and Parker crossed roller positioning tables. Model S-12 Anorad 7-Series linear positioning tables feature 0.00005" straightness/repeatability per inch, 0.0001" accuracies, 33.75" enclosure lengths, and a 12" range of linear motion. These tables have SB-2 ball screws with 0.2" leads, which promote speeds of up to 10"/sec. Tables also feature EE-1 encoders, which can achieve resolutions as low as 0.0001".

    State: NM
  • Schmidt Technology Corp.

    Schmidt Technology Corp. offers SCHMIDT crossed roller slide tables for high force press system and high precision applications. These tables feature crossed roller bearings, play-free adjustments, pneumatic cylinders, and integrated sensors for position detection of the slide. Tables have integrated shock absorbers that cushion end position impacts, and they can be mounted in both lateral and longitudinal positions.

    State: PA