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Motion Control Cards in New York

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  • Saelig

    Saelig's motion control board for DC motors (with brushes) uses communication protocol (Ethernet: TCP/IP-HTTP) giving it an easy interfacing. The board is compatible with the POE-IEEE 802.3af norm allowing its power supply through the Ethernet cable. The PID controller (32 bits) may be used to manage a motor from 1 to 70[W] (continuous) with a regulation loop time up to 500[us]. The regulators implemented are position and speed PID with a trapezoid trajectory.
    State: NY
  • Siemens

    Siemens manufactures motion control cards for feed-drive axes in permanently energized synchronous motor technology, for feed-drive axes with hydraulic linear drives, and for main spindle drive axes in 1PH asynchronous or in permanently energized 1FE1 synchronous motor technology.