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Motion Control Cards in California

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  • Douloi Automation

    DMS Motion Server features 4-16 Axes ISA Card Motion Controller, AMD 486DX5 32 Bit Processor Running at 128 MHz, and integrated 48 TTL I/O, Inputs or Outputs Configured in 4 bit Groups.
    Santa Clara
    State: CA
  • The Motion Group Inc

    The Motion Group offers multiple axis OEM card sets that include the MME system, a compact component system for 1, 2, 3, or 4 axes applications. The MME-4C motion control card (5.6" x 3.7" x 1.8 high) consists of stepper motor controller and up to 4 MD 1.2 stepper motor drivers (1.2 Amp/phase).
    State: CA
  • Delta Tau

    Delta Tau’s PMAC (Programmable Multi Axis Controller) offer a wide variety of formats including PCI, VME and PC/104 which can be used on a corresponding bus or standalone.
    State: CA
  • Advantech

    Advantech ISA-bus stepping/pulse-type servo motor control cards are designed for general-purpose extreme motion applications. Advantech encoder cards include 24-bit quadruple AB phase encoder counters, 24-bit timers/counters and digital I/O channels.
    State: CA
  • Precision MicroControl

    Precision MicroControl provides a wide range of powerful, flexible and cost-effective motion control cards, accessories, and software.
    State: CA
  • Optimal Engineering Systems

    Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) is a manufacturer of motion control products. The company's product line includes motion control systems, drive electronics, modules and controller cards. Offers Stepper Motor Control Cards, Motion Controller and Motor Driver Cards, and Integrated Motion Controller and Motor Drivers.
    Woodland Hills
    State: CA