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Ethernet Controllers in California

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  • Precision MicroControl (PMC)

    PMC offers the MultiFlex ETH 1000 Ethernet model series as a part of their MultiFlex Series of motion controllers. The total axes of models MultiFlex ETH-1040, -1400, -1440, -1800 and -1840 are 4 and 8; 1 to 12 axes customized models. Their Ethernet models feature specifications such as 64-bit floating-point RISC CPU and vary in the number of analog servo channels from none to 8, likewise for PWM channels and stepper/servo - 0 to 8 available.

    State: CA
  • Galil

    Galil offers series of controllers with 1 to 8 axis, featuring 10/100Base-T Ethernet/RS232 port up to 115/19.2 kbaud, with configurations for step or servo motors, brush and brushless, up to 500 Watts.
    State: CA