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Motion Control Distributors in USA

State: CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, MN, NH, NY, OH, OR, PA
Country: USA
  • Southern Power Inc

    Southern Power, Inc. is a distributor of drives, controls, AC and DC electric motors, electronic soft starters, rotary shaft and absolute encoders, gear boxes, reducers, gearmotors, stepper motors and controls, tension control systems, couplings and electric motors for industrial use.
    State: AL
  • Electronic Drive Service Inc

    Electronic Drive Services, Inc. is a distributor of AC and DC variable speed drives, soft starters, reactors/filters, electronic brakes, systems and retrofits.
    State: AL
  • North Coast Electric

    North Coast Electric Company is a distributor of AC controls, peripheral and variable speed drives, programmable controllers, lighting controls, testing instruments, motors, motion control, wiring devices and transformers.

    State: AK
  • Steven Engineering

    Steven Engineering is a distributor of motion control products including motor controls, operator interfaces, operator interfaces, panel meters, pneumatics, power solutions, relays and timers, sensing, signal conditioning, surge protection, terminal blocks, switches, wiring devices and wire management products.
    So. San Francisco
    State: CA
  • Claypool Controls Corp

    Claypool Controls Corporation is a stocking distributor of electro-mechanical linear actuators, variable frequency programmable AC motor drives, mechanical variable speed ring/roller drives, clutches, brakes, indexing devices, DC motor speed controls, AC inverter drives, AC and DC motors, flexible shaft couplings, photoelectric sensors, fiber optic light guides and controls power conversion and control systems, inverters and battery isolators.
    State: CA
  • Valin Corporation

    Valin Precision Process Control is a distrubutor of motion control and automation products including fluid handling, measurement, process heating and control products.
    State: CA
  • Electric Motor Service

    Electric Motor Service is a distributor of AC motors, torque motors, parallell shaft gearmotors, right angle gearmotors, capacitors, connection diagrams and comparative advantages, DC motors, parallel shaft gearmotors and right angle gearmotors, brushless DC motors, DC parallel shaft gearmotors, DC right angle gearmotors and DC connections.
    State: CA
  • MSI Tec

    MSI Tec is a distributor of motion control solutions and technologies.  Products include AD motors, amplifiers, ball screw assemblies, ball screws, brushless motors, couplings, DC motors, encoders, explosion proof motors, gearmotors, linear actuators, bearings, motors and slides, nano motors, power supplies, precision gear heads, controllers, rotary tables, stepper motors, vacuum rated motors and water proof motors.
    State: CO
  • Numatic Engineering

    Numatic Engineering is a distributor of motion control products including control valves, actuators, modular automation, aluminum extrusions, shock and vibration absorbers, vacuum pumps, generators and blowers, programmable controllers, HMI displays, motion controls, variable frequency drives, industrial robots, vision and sensors.
    Sun Valley
    State: CA
  • 4 Star Electronics

    4 Star Electronics is a supplier of obsolete electronic commercial, industry and military components.
    San Clemente
    State: CA
  • Carolina Motion Controls

    Carolina Motion Controls is a distributor of electrical control products and components including controllers, drives, sensors, motors, software and power components.
    State: SC
  • Florida Motion & Control

    Florida Motion & control is a distributor of power units, quick couplings, rotary actuators, sensors and switches, pnuematic valves, PLCs, hydraulic valves, cylinders, electric actuators, automation components, flow controls and meters, gauges and accumulators.
    State: FL
  • Integrated Motion

    Integrated Motion is a distributor of AC drives, feedback devices, gear boxes and motors, industrial PCs, linear actuators and motors, multi-axis controls, PLCs, power supplies, servo systems and stepper systems.
    State: NC
  • Anderson Hydraulics

    Anderson Hydraulics is a distributor of motion control products including seals, accumulators, filters, pumps, motors, valves, hoses, cylinders, tubing, fittings and heat exchangers.
    State: CA
  • Applied International Motion

    Applied International Motion is a distributor of motion control systems and solutions.  Products include servo drives, VFD drives, servo/stepper motors, couplins, gearboxes, motion controllers, rotary encoders, linear actuators, profiled rail, runner blocks, ball screws and pneumatics.
    La Verne
    State: CA
  • Minarik

    Minarik Automation & Control is a distributor of AC and DC drives and motors, connectors, cordsets, gearing, HMIs, I/O devices, linear motion, measuring devices, PC-based controls, PLCs, sensors, servo systems, stepper systems and switches.

  • Merrimac Industrial Sales

    Merrimac Industrial Sales is a distributor of industrial process controls and custom engineered control systems.  Products include controls, drives, enclosures, fuses, heat products, motors, sensors, terminal blocks, temperature controls and SCRs.
    State: MA
  • Applied Machine & Motion Control

    Applied Machine & Motion Control distributes linear encoder systems, linear motion systems, true planetary precision gearheads, electromagnetic clutches and brakes, brushless and brush-type servo amplifiers, linear actuators, rotary planetary gearheads with integrated brushless motors, PC based motion control systems, servo and stepper motors, power supplies, networking, cabling, termination, linear encoder systems, industrial AC drives and encoder feedback devices.
    State: OH
  • Pearse-Betram

    Pearse-Bertram is a distributor of industrial automation and control products including controllers, conveyors, indexers, industrial shock absorbers, linear actuators, servo motors and drives, soft starters and variable frequency drives.
    State: CT
  • Electrical Wholesalers Inc

    Electrical Wholesalers, Inc. is a distributor of electrical and voice and data line cards.
    State: CT
  • Electric Enterprise Inc

    State: CT
  • Gulf Controls Co

    Gulf Controls Company, LLC is a distributor of automation, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and connector products for motion control systems.

    State: FL
  • Miller Bearings Inc.

    Miller Bearings Inc. is a distributor of motion control products including bearings, shaft couplings, electric motors, clutches, brakes, mechanical variable speed, speed reducers and gear motors. Miller Bearings Inc. has many locations throughout Florida, including Orlando, Cocoa, Miami, Daytona, Jacksonville, Tampa, Fort Myers and Ocala.

    State: FL
  • Power & Controls Automation

    Power & Controls Automation is a distributor of factory automation, motion control, and industrial controls for both the industrial and municipal water/waste water markets.
    State: FL
  • A-A Electric

    A-A Electric is a distributor of motion control products including drives, encoders, motors and motor controls, power supplies, relays, sensors, servo systems, signal conditioners, switches, temperature controles, transformers and wiring devices.
    State: FL
  • Wolters Motors & Drives

    Wolters Motors & Drives is a distributor of drives, motors, bearings and gear products for motion contols.
    State: GA
  • Advantage Industrial Automation

    Advantage Industrial Automaiton is a distributor of control components and panels, PLC's and logic control, motion, drives, robotics, plant intelligence software and sensors.
    State: GA
  • Steiner Electric Supply

    Steiner is a distributor of automation solutions including PLCs and I/O, software, HMI, motion control, motors and drives and networking technology.

    Elk Grove Village
    State: IL
  • Pacific Bearing Co. (PBC Linear)

    The Pacific Bearing Company is a distributor and manufacturer of linear and rotary motion solutions including LAT linear actuator technology, cam rollers and linear slides. A Pacific Bearing catalog can be downloaded.

    State: IL
  • Avana Electrotek

    Avana Electrotek is a distributor of AC motors and controls, DC motors and controls, gear products, motion controls and servos.
    Elk Grove Village
    State: IL