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State: CA, CT, IN, OH, PA
Country: Canada
  • Progressive Automations

    Progressive Automations manufactures PA-15-10-22, PA-15-10-11, PA-15-1-33, PA-15-1-22, and PA-15-1-11 high speed actuators for the following applications: hobby design, marine, furniture, automotive, outdoor, high speed stroke, etc. Model PA-15-1-33 linear actuators feature 20% duty cycles, IP54 protection, built-in limit switches, and two-wire harnesses. These actuators have voltages up to 12 VDC, 1" stroke sizes, 33 lb load capacities, and operational temperatures ranging from -26 to +65°C.

    State: BC
  • IAI

    IAI offers ZR Unit vertical rotation electric and RCP2-HS8R high speed slider type actuators. ZR Unit vertical rotation electrical actuators have up to 20,000 point positions, payloads up to 6 kg, strokes up to 200 mm, and speed ratings up to 1,256 mm/s. Model RCP2-HS8R high speed slider-type actuators feature θ16mm drive methods, ±0.02mm positioning repeatability ratings, and ambient operating temperatures ranging from 0 to 40°C.

    State: CA
  • Physik Instrumente (PI)

    Physik Instrumente (PI) offers ultrasonic ceramic linear actuators in a variety of configurations, including: M-272 linear shaft motors with ultrasonic ceramic drives, RodDrive ultrasonic motor, P-661 small ultrasonic piezo, M-661 small linear table, M-663 small closed loop, etc. RodDrive ultrasonic motor actuators feature speeds up to 500 mm/sec, positioning ranges up to 150 mm, minimum incremental motions to 50 nanometers, and clamped rod/motor blocks.

    State: MA
  • Del-Tron Precision Inc

    Del-Tron Precision, Inc. offers high speed belt drive actuators for a variety of high speed applications, including high speed automation equipment, pick-and-place, etc. These actuators feature steel-reinforced polyurethane belts; a proprietary extrusion design; and NEMA 34, 23, or 17 motor compatibilities. They provide travel lengths up to 0.025mm, accuracies up to +/-0.083 mm/m, high speed capabilities, and operational speeds up to 5.1 MPS. Actuators come with mounting hardware, limit switches, motor mounts, and gearheads.

    State: CT
  • Macron Dynamics, Inc.

    Macron Dynamics, Inc. offers belt-driven actuators in high speed, vertical axis packaging. These actuators feature easy customization, a dual configured design, a modular construction, patent pending/vertical arresting claws, and multi-axis engineering. They can handle travel requirements up to 1,869mm and vertical payloads of 300 lbs @ 5,080 mm/sec (with +/-0.025mm repeatability).

    State: PA
  • KMC Controls

    KMC Controls offers high-speed damper actuators for high-end residential and light commercial applications, including: building automation systems, controllers, floating thermostats, etc. These actuators feature a compact design, direct-coupled/tri-state controls, translucent covers, and open/closed energized LEDs. They can handle torques down to 10 in-lbs and are capable of rotating a 90° damper in 30 seconds.

    State: IN
  • SMAC

    SMAC offers high speed/precision single axis gripper units for robotic, testing/measuring operation, QC testing, measuring, and pick-and-place applications. These gripper units have stroke lengths to 5mm, resolutions ranging from 0.5 to 5 microns, and a gripping force of 5N.

    State: CA
  • SMC Corporation of America

    SMC Corporation of America offers RHC high speed actuators for high load cylinder or high speed applications. These actuators can operate reliably at speeds up to 118 in/sec, and they absorb up to 23.8 ft-lbs of energy.

    State: IN
  • Nook Industries

    Nook Industries offers Series 500 ball screw actuators for high cycle rate and high speed applications. These actuators are programmable, self-locking, long-living, high load generating, and designed for low duty cycles. They are designed for continuous duty operations and can operate at speeds up to 25"/sec.

    State: OH
  • high speed actuators are available in 3.15"/second, 5.51"/second, and 9.05"/second configurations. Stroke lengths range from 1" - 18", with extended custom lengths available. High speed actuators can be used in outdoor, indoor, and harsh environments.

    Los Angeles
    State: CA